My first computer

August 20, 2009 - By

I was recently reminiscing about one of the most influential thing in my life: the first computer my Dad brought home. It was December 1995 when my old man brought this machine home. Computers had been becoming more prevalent at school, but the Internet was still a deadly slow and mostly bland medium.

This computer was an absolute monster compared to the computers friends or school had.  It had a 233mHz processor and an incredible 4GB of memory (sobering to think that a 4GB thumb drive might be the prize in a box of cereal these days). More incredible was the fact that my Dad sprung for a 17″ monitor – the likes of which I had never seen; AND a SCSI (scuzzy) Scanner! (Scanners were the stuff of legend at the time).

I spent countless hours playing with this computer; and dabbling in Adobe Photo Deluxe 1.0 (the ancestor of Photoshop Elements perhaps?) and learning a lot about computer maintenance.


It would be with this computer that I would learn about image optimization, OCR, and make my first website. I’m sure at the time getting a top of the line computer with these peripherals must have been ludicrously expensive, but without it I might not have gotten into Graphic Design or Web Design… or spent thousands of hours playing FPS!

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