My Book About Babies!

January 4, 2011 - By

I’m thinking about writing a book all about raising your first child. It’s going to be for all those fathers who don’t know what to expect; just some simple universal truths about children.

Here’s an excerpt I’d like to share from the chapter about making your baby smile and laugh:

If there’s one thing babies love it’s loud noises coupled with sudden movements. Try the following as a fun way to get baby giggling.

Step one: Lay baby on a bed or the floor. Stand very still for a prolonged period of time until baby stops looking at you and seems totally uninterested in what you’re doing.

Step two: In one swift movement pounce upon them coming within inches of their faces and roar. I find it’s really effective to make your hands smash down a few inches from their ears for increased dramatic noise. Don’t do this playfully, make a scary sound that would make older people and animals uncomfortable.

Step three: Enjoy the gales of laughter and happy flails your baby makes, and repeat!

Friends and family aren’t as confident that this is universal; but I plan on proving them wrong. It can’t just be my kid being strange.

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