Music in Videos pt. 1

May 20, 2008 - By

Has there ever been a song or band that you heard that you didn’t like until you saw the video? I can think of more than a few. It’s like after adding some moving pictures you finally see the angle the artists are coming from. Sometimes the video will make or break the band.

I know you have some favourite music videos. Comment me up to share your picks. With all the online video services like Vimeo, YouTube and we should spend more time checking out and sharing great videos. Maybe that’s a great mix idea?

Here are some favourite videos of mine…

The White Stripes – Hardest Button to Button
Bjork – Human Behaviour
Menomena – Cough Coughing
Beck – Deadweight
Man Man – Black Mission Goggles
Architecture in Helsinki
Radiohead – Knives Out
The Coral – Dreaming of You
The Black Keys – 10am Automatic
Feist – Mushaboom
The Hives – Walk idiot walk
Uncle – Rabbit in your headlights (featuring Thom Yorke)
The Bees – Listening Man
Of Montreal – The Past is a Grotesque Animal (acoustic)
Tom Waits – I don’t wanna grow up (Ramones cover)
Stereogram – Walkie Talkie Man

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