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June 23, 2008 - By

I like to keep my computer lean, and I personally don’t care for applications that burn CDs, I often find them to be a pain in the neck. My easy alternative is to then use Media Player which comes stock on any Windows machine.

Every now and then this presents a problem; not all of the audio files I’ll want to add to my mix are in a format that will burn onto an Audio CD. This happened today as I prepared to make my June mix (a little later than usual). I have a copy of Spoon’s “I turn my Camera on” in mp4 format. Now I could go upstairs and get the physical CD that I own, or I can use my wonderous computer to change the format.

Sadly my open source audio program Audacity doesn’t have the liscence to convert an mp4 for legal reasons. I stubbornly don’t really want to download a converter as I recently took a bunch of little apps I never use off of my computer. This is where Media Convert comes in.

Media Convert is a neat conversion site I just came upon. Though it’s a little ad heavy it was able to convert my file into an mp3. My only critiques could be 1) it doesn’t allow bitrates about 256kbps, 2) it doesn’t encode ID3 tags (which burning will lose anyways) and 3) there isn’t an option for batch conversion.

If you’re stuck with a track or two that needs converting Media Convert is a perfect tool to get that mix where you want it. I should mention they also seem to do conversions for movies, text (including PDF), images, vector and more; but this is a music blog so enough of that.


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