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I don’t usually game on my phone, but last weekend when a battle with a cold kept me stuck on the couch I made an exception. I discovered a game called Mekorama. I tried it with some low expectations; as it was a “related game” to Monument Valley which is an all time favourite from a few years ago (more like an art experience wrapped in a puzzle game). If you haven’t seen it before it’s worth a look too:

I enjoyed that game so much that it would be hard to be compared to it. Mekorama is similar only in that the object is to find an exit, and the artwork uses similar angles (TIL, called isometric projection). It doesn’t use the impossible architecture or walking on different planes. I can see how it was related, but it was worth looking at with an open mind.

The game is ok, but what dropped by jaw is the level making / sharing. It’s the best use of a QR code I’ve had! To me this is the game! It’s so simple and fun my 6 year old was soon building houses and mazes.

I was pretty sick, and found the diversion nice. Here are some of the levels we made. Mine start pretty typical then get a bit zany. I really like launching, dropping, and smashing things. I think there’s a lot more I can do with menacing wheels! If you have the game you can add these by scanning the QR codes. Clicking an image will load a popup which is maybe easier to shoot.


I’m not a big gamer, the average mobile game could hold my attention for a few minutes. What makes this so compelling is suddenly it’s an outlet for creativity, exploration, and experimentation.

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