Magic Transfer Protocol!

January 14, 2015 - By

mtp:// is my new favourite protocol. I use it all the time; specifically when explaining how modern web development tools work. 

Let’s face it: generally speaking the inner workings of tools like Vagrant, Node JS, Bower, Grunt (or any task-runner) don’t really matter. As a front-end developer my only measurable deliverable is making a website that looks good and works. I need to make designers, PMs, and clients happy. If the tools work, I ultimately don’t need to understand every intricacy. So when I’m at the beginning stages or learning a new tool, or if I’m showing someone for the first time, I like to skip past the complicated parts that are unimportant to that end goal: “this works by the Magic Transfer Protocol!”

That’s generally speaking, so it’s not for everyone. It’s not even always for me. I’m thankful for super-nerds that can create super tools like these, and even more thankful when the learning curve to get started can be kept low.

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