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October 21, 2010 - By

It’s been about eight months since I’ve applied and started working as a web designer at Thrillworks – but I haven’t shared much about it online.

I have absolutely loved my time here; in many regards it’s truly a dream job! Being a Thrillworker has taken my career to the next level. In my short time here I’ve already worked with some amazing clients  including Petro Canada, Tim Hortons, and RIM. There is little I can share about the work specifically; but it has been very interesting to know about products and events before they happen and to work with savvy clients who understand their brand, their message, and their audience so well.

One recent small project I had was to create some artwork for the media player screenshots to be featured on the mobile BlackBerry site in the Asian Pacific. Rather than completely fabricate a band, I used the rock trio I play bass guitar for: the You Dig it Einsteins.  Considering no one other than my wife has heard us play I’d say it’s the biggest break we’re going to get!

I used an illustration I made last winter, and I’m pretty happy with how it looks. Funny enough, this has inspired the band to actually record something.

Working for Thrillworks has also meant learning a ton! From working in Red Dot (the CMS that the agency is renowned for mastering), to mobile device optimization, to working closely with a team – it seems every day holds a lesson that is helping me come one step closer to rock star status.

Finally I can say that both literally and in the way that other designer do.

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