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Last year I invested in my first Kickstarter. A promising keyboard that met all my wildest dreams: mechanical, split, column key layout, and moves popular keys from pinkies to thumbs. It’s beautiful and functional. Dreamy!

A keyboardio keyboard

I want to relearn how to type in a similar way as I did when learning Colemak: by not looking at the keyboard, and typing. I did that with this simple html page featuring a gif of the Colemak layout and a textarea. Cinchy. For the Keyboardio I plan to do something similar, so I made a couple wallpapers. I thought I’d share. Update: Adding new images to the beginning of the gallery.

I used Helvetica regular for most of the keys, light weight for function layer. Download SVG of this v1 (original design) here and v2 (updated design with body) here.

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