Jury Duty

March 15, 2013 - By

Recently I had to go to Jury Duty selection. My request to be excused on the basis of work was denied, and so I was determined to make the best of it! I was sort of hoping it would be a mysterious trial about the murder of some cold hearted count, and I’d be witness to the testimonies of a cast of colourful larger-than-life characters, but alas it was instead a lot worse.

A friend challenged me by asking me “what if it’s a terrible case that’s emotionally scarring to hear about?!” I then imagined a premise along those lines, and agreed that civic duty would be unbearable. In reality the case was about 1000x worse.

I spent a day and a half sitting around (writing documentation on my laptop!) and waiting for the Jury selection process. Thankfully 180 jurors were interviewed before me, and 12 were picked!

It was neat to get a peek inside the legal system. I don’t need another one though. My hat goes off to those who deal with this for a living! It really gives me some good perspective about how easy my job is.

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