Internet vs. $1,000,000

June 13, 2012 - By

I love hypothetical what-ifs. Over the years I’ve had some great conversations come out of them, here’s my latest which stumps me.

Would you quit using the Internet for the rest of your life in return for $1,000,000 now?

This is hard!

No online shopping, Wikipedia, streaming media or general surfing. No browsers, no apps, no making websites. It gets harder when you think about people: no email, no IM, no social media. Absolutely no Internet.

This is hard to think about. I am connected to the web like crazy. I would miss so many people. I don’t have many skills outside of making websites, so it would be hard. Still, if you make $50k a year, $1M is 20 years salary.

Maybe I should start a kick starter for this… well, maybe someone else should for me in case it works.

I want to hear if you would do it in the comments.

UPDATE! I asked a lot of folks about this. 28 people say “NO WAY” while 7 said they would really do it. Of that I think two rarely use the Internet, only 5 actually use the Internet on a daily basis, and in most cases as a part of their livelihood.

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