If the Internet died

July 25, 2013 - By

When it gets down to it, the Internet is a pretty key ingredient in my hobby / job of building websites. This begs the question: “What would you do if the Internet was gone tomorrow?”

It’s hard to imagine a realistic scenario where this could actually happen (a massive solar EMP? The cliché Terrorist paradigm? The bubble bursting on this fad?), but if somehow the Internet disappeared, what would I do!?


I pretty quickly decided I’d be able to turn my NAS into a webserver, and the family would have an intranet to spend time with!

It was fun thinking about how I would make use of this. Interestingly (and unintentionally!) the evolution of the system in my mind followed a lot of the same patterns that the actual internet did in the beginning:

  • I would start with a small collection of sites (like sites I have copies of as an archive, personal sites for me and the kids, media sharing).
  • These simple single-serving sites would be connected to a site attempting to index and categorize all of the sites. 
  • I would want some kind of a simple bulletin board system
  • I’d love to have a guestbook to get friends to sign when they visit my house / intranet

It’s kinda corny, but the McBlain Internet seems to get the same familiar footholds I remember from the early 90s Internet.


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