How I almost made "the switch"

June 13, 2008 - By

I have had a long colourful history with PCs, and I have always defended them. Sure they have caused me countless hours of grief, I’ve had viruses well over 20 times, and hardware-issues is my middle name; but this stuff is usually my fault if only in the smallest way.

Last year around this time I bought a computer the likes of which I have been dreaming of for three years. It’s got everything, it’s really fast, suped up and is in one of those lit-up mod cases. I got it from This company is great, awesome products, even awesomer service. This computer worked great (with the exception of some hardware issues involving the RAID), for seven months – then it died.

This death took the form of many blue screens of death. Luckily no work was lost, but I had to send it in under warrantee. My MOBO and RAID drives were replaced, but when I got it back it only worked for six hours. The problem it seems is my Motherboard was incompatible with my hardware configuration. When I think of this computer I feel fairly confident that there is no other computer in the world set up this exact way. Dangit!

This issue wasn’t my fault, in fact I’m not sure whose it is. But I haven’t had my computer in over a third of a year. In the mean time I work on my mid-level laptop which chokes and crashes a couple times a day. My old faithful desktop also died this week. It’s been very hard and frustrating.

This is why I finally considered the Apple Mac Pro as a viable option for me. Why not? I’m a graphic designer. I gave it a serious look – all the things I have ever hated and used to refute this platform before are gone (except for snobbiness, but those users I think are getting a bit better).

The only thing holding me back is the pricetag. BDPC doesn’t do refunds after a year naturally, and I can’t just drop this kind of cash on a whim, so unless someone wants to buy my nightmare I guess I’m a PC guy for a couple more years anyways.


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