Geocities partial return

November 4, 2010 - By

Before I was ArleyM there was Uck. If a guy named Charlie can go by Charles or Chuck, I wanted the same degree of flexibility.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m naturally nostalgic, or if because yesterday was the classic grade nine “take your kids to work day” when I regaled a couple students (who didn’t really seem to care) about the ‘good old days of web’, but I’ve been thinking about Geocities a bit lately. I was the tender age of 15 and it was my first foray into website creation; I would find chunks of embed code to insert hideous graphics onto a terrible page with very little content. It wasn’t much, but I learned a lot and Geocities was one of many steps that got me to where I am today as a web designer.

Infamously Yahoo bought Geocities, changed and complicated the UI, then killed the whole thing (which arguably was a museum of web history at that point, I don’t imagine there were many active sites on it, if any), and the Uck homepage was gone with it.

So naturally I was very excited to see that I’m not alone! Other people in the web had a special place in their hearts for Geocities; but they actually took action upon hearing about Yahoo’s dastardly plan – and they backed up as much of Geocities as they could! Not only this, but they have compressed it and made a torrent!!!

I don’t currently have the space to download this magnificent chunk of historically significant data; but one day maybe I’ll see Uck again.

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