Generation now: The Musical Disconnect

June 1, 2007 - By

I love music. I was raised in a home always playing music, so I feel like I have a decent knowledge of music history. I can carry on a conversation about artists and their work with people of the older generation. I often surprise friends (and myself!) at the trivia I seem to know.

Who am I going to talk to music about? There is so much music now, and in so many genres, it can be challenging to talk to people my age about. So in 20 years who is going to remember songs I love by artists by Death From Above 1979, or the Knife or Man Man or Shout Out Louds? There will never be another Beatles or anything so universal as that. Music has changed and so has the way we listen to it.

I’m imagining VH1’s Rock’n’Roll Jeopardy in a few years time: “they wrote Boa vs. Python” or “this artist was best known for work in Handsom Furs and Wolfparade”. The most common answer might be “Who the crap knows?!”

If you were to go into an old age home today you might find people sitting around listening to classical music, or maybe some Glenn Miller Orchestra type stuff. Real cool soothing stuff that they would all know… When we get into the old age home you’d better keep the Dr. Dre down, I’m going to be listening to something you’ve never heard of.


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