Fuel: Literal Consumerism

June 29, 2007 - By

Have you ever seen someone’s record collection? A lot of older folk have collections of like 20 records. I think that’s as big as they got. A lot of people used to buy a handful of albums and be set. My own mother can get through life with an album for every mood (If I hear the Philedelphia soundtrack one more time…)

Nowadays music is more like fuel. Go search for the Billboard top 40 torrent, something like 20,000 people are listening to this right now and I’m sure it will be gone and forgotten soon for all those users.

We consume music. We will listen to something on high rotation for as long as it is in and cool, then it’s gone. Remember that first Eminem song? You couldn’t go a block without hearing the bass line rattling some car. Now it would be so passé to spin something so outdated. It has been consumed.

It’s not always a bad thing, but it does sort of take the art out of music. Maybe it is the only true test of musical greatness we have left.


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