Fainting: The New Sleeping in Church

September 20, 2009 - By

There was some excitement at church today.

By way of making an illustration about sin, the speaker had a fascinating message about the scientist who discovered the cure for leprosy. His story got a bit detailed around some of the people he studied and their disfigurements. I found it very interesting, and understandably gross. At one point I realized I was feeling pretty nauseous. “Maybe I should step out and get a drink… naw, don’t be a wuss.” after another 5 – 10 minutes I decided i was probably the message that was making me feel sick. Even though he was done his illustration I still felt the need to occupy my mind, so I tried reading some verses in the Bible.

Focusing on the letters is the last thing I remember.

Apparently at this point my wife asked me if I was feeling ok. I looked at her with glazed eyes, sat forward a bit; then passed out! My head went back suddenly and Kristi caught it! “Are you alright?!” I came to and thought I had fallen asleep in church! I was drenched in full-body sweat and realized I had dropped my Bible. I was very confused as to what happened.

Luckily we were sitting toward the back of church (and not at the front laden with a bass guitar as I usually would be), and we were able to quietly duck out. The usher of the day actually had some first aid training and made sure I was ok to leave which was nice. K talked me into going to the hospital and we got to see someone right away (a miracle in Kincardine).

Essentially, the doctor tells me I’m a variation on those guys who faint when they see blood. I can watch all kinds of gorrie movies, and play violent video games; but for some reason when people talk about it I feel gross. I can remember several times watching TV as a kid, or plays in highschool, or being with friends exchanging stories about the origin of scars when I started to feel gross. In all of those instances I was able to change the subject or escape.

Now, a few hours laters I feel 100% physically. Psychologically I feel like a dork for not being able to will myself to tolerate some mildly detailed story about a kids fingers falling off! *THUD*


In the days following the incident I learned two things:

  1. I was actually coming down with a bug on Sunday that would last the next few days leaving me constantly tired. I think this was a huge factor.
  2. My Grandmother also faints when hearing about blood and guts.

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