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March 26, 2007 - By

Hello, my name is Arley and I’m a downloading addict.

For the past ten years I’ve been downloading music. From Napster, to ripping to bit torrents I have always been looking for music. I’m sure I have downloaded terabytes (or as I like to call them killagigs) of media. I know it’s stealing, but I’ve been doing it so long…

It’s not even about the music anymore, there’s a thrill in the hunt. Here’s an interesting example: Not once, not twice, but THREE times I’ve heard a Dave Matthews song on TV or the radio and thought “I should check him out, give him another chance” and have downloaded a 9GB torrent of his work. After a couple months I delete this to make room on my harddrive – without even listening to one song!

Today I decide NO MORE! I am going to buy the music that I like. I am too afraid to go back to the days of buying music on faith, I still need to hear it first. I have decided that if I cannot hear the music of an artist on their website that I will download their work as a White Hat Pirate.
What is a White Hat? A White Hat hacker might be hired by a large corporation to test their computer security and find any exploits before a real hacker does.

As a White Hat Pirate I will download music to check it out, and delete it within one week – knowing whether or not I will buy it or forget it.

I have just started deleting music on my computer that is not mine, and making my shopping lists and I just want to tell you how good it feels.

Buy music, support the artists you love, and be true to yourself.


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