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November 30, 2009 - By

It was an XKCD comic that got me thinking about living 5 years behind everyone technologically.

Think about it! At this point, people will practically give you their old technology. What was the coolest phone in 2004? The Motorola Razr was very popular, but today smartphones dominate the market. I would give you my old Razr if you wanted an app-less phone that only does calls and text. What about computer hardware? 2GB of RAM would be a monster in ’04 on your XP machine! All technology from 4 years ago would be dirt cheap, or just given to you.

It doesn’t end there. Five years from now the next-big-thing will be here and people will give you their useless old iPhones or first generation Androids. Technology always grows, and you could be there to swoop in and save a fortune. As if that weren’t enough, you’d also be free of the misery of discovering incompatible drivers and other pitfalls that come with being on the bleeding edge.

Being the nerd I am, I’m not sure that I can make this 5 year lapse commitment; but I really want to know someone who does. I want to see someone take it to the level where they have a Calendar setup listing what media / tech is really big at the moment so they can jump on it in a half decade.

Let me know if it’s you. I’ll give you my old junk.

Big News 5 Years ago in 2004…

  1. Half Life 2
  2. FireFox
  3. MySpace
  4. Gmail
  5. Spiderman 2
  6. Modest Mouse’s Good News
  7. LOST

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