Being Google

July 14, 2012 - By

I love thinking about bizarre scenarios. What if it became possible for example for you to know everything on the Internet!?

In this hypothetical I’m supposing that you could absorb web pages in the way that Google does: Reading live text, alternate next and just the page content (so not images, videos or other media). This could be pretty interesting. 

A few questions come to mind:

  1. Considering the massive number of pages on the web, would all of this knowledge even fit in the brain? Or would it be massive like Graham’s Number and cause a black hole in your brain?
  2. How much of the content is regurgitated and rehashed? Half?
  3. With all of the tutorials and how-tos on the web would you be amazing at the ukelele? Or would the quantity of tutorials and conflicting advice create havoc?
  4. Would the good quality information on the Internet outweigh the filth and hate and utter garbage online? Would you be left better off and wiser, or just filled with a disgust for humanity?

If I could be selective about the sites I could download into my brain that would likely be a lot better. It would finally cause me to take a really hard look at how trust worthy Wikipedia is.


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