BB King: A Life of Music

March 31, 2008 - By

After seeing BB King live in concert I have a new respect for musicians who stay performers late into life. BB is 82 this year, and is as much a story teller as musician. He looked so old as he slowly took the stage. He took a seat, and picked up Lucile; his trademark guitar and started telling grandfatherly stories – then outta nowhere he would belt into a song with an incredible voice. When he did his first guitar solo I couldn’t believe how nimble his fingers seemed. It was an awesome night. I scored one of the BB King pins he chucked into the audience at the end of the show. He was a charming man, and a legend of music. Much respect BB.

The only lame part of the show was on the audience. There were people who didn’t grasp that when BB was talking he was talking to all of us; it wasn’t a conversation. In my third of the theatre there were three of these people. One sat in the seat directly in front of me, one in the seat directly behind me. No joke! “amen”, “you said it!” “if he’s lucky”, it was stupid and annoying. In particular the manic in front of me couldn’t sit still and kept standing up too.
If you’re at a concert, don’t be that person.

If you’re a mixer, I would love an old-school blues mix! I have a real taste for the really old stuff like Lead Belly.


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