Back to work!

July 21, 2008 - By

I’m back from a week of lovely vacationing with Kristi. We had many adventures: Cottaging, familying, clarinetting, puzzling, gaming, travelling, shopping, hiking, gardening, and visiting. Kristi learned to operate a double-clutch trailer, and turns out to be an incredible clarinetist (though she would point out that she played it for a semester 15 years ago). It was nice to be off the computer for a while, and it’s certainly nice to be back too. Tim was here on the weekend and we shot some video. I will post when he gets it all together.

We went to London to do a bit of shopping, and I thought I should share some good customer service stories since my last post was about boycots. We were at Leon’s ready to go to customer-service war over some kits that were overlooked when furniture was delivered 6 months ago. The person at the desk just gave us what we needed with no questions asked or hassle. We were flabberghasted. Good service always catches me off guard.

Back to work!

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