Are you making me a mix?

December 5, 2007 - By

Hello! I’m not sure who reads my profile. When I get a new person to make a mix for I like to go into my mix history, and checkout the profile of the person that I’m making a mix for to make sure I don’t make them something they hate.

Wanna know what I hate? Not getting a mix. I have been a member since February 2007. I have had three people actually send me a mix that were supposed to. Even the replacement mix for June never happened. Poor poor me.

If you’re making me a mix, please just make one. I’m ecclectic and easy to please. I like to keep up on the trends, the hidden gems, the oldies and the weird stuff. I don’t like country music necessarily, but I’d be happy to get a country mix. Get it? Make me a mix!!!

Remember, you signed up for IMP because we all like making and getting music. Let’s take some pride in this community.


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