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February 4, 2008 - By

Different things will make people appreciate music. We all have our go-to sad songs, mad songs, and glad songs. Identifying with the songs subject is the most common way of appreciating a song.

Appreciating a song is like enjoying a Tom Thompson painting because you’ve been in Ontario before. You’re getting the subject, but missing the art. Music from the playing perspective is a deeply beautiful and technical art.

You won’t appreciate a guitar players ability until you learn your first chords. You won’t appreciate the coordination of a drummer until you try to keep your first beat. Etc.
The day I got my first bass is the day I started listening to the bottom line in songs. I started to appreciate the crucial role and artistry the bass plays.

If you want to appreciate music more, pick up an instrument or a pen, and try to make some music of your own.


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