An open letter to Adobe Typekit

June 29, 2013 - By

Greetings and salutations good folks at Adobe Typekit! Have I told you lately how great you all are? That thing you’re collectively doing with your hair is really working for you! Yes, you’re always so perceptive; I am trying to butter you up. You see, I have a favour to ask. Can you add the Poppl Laudatio family to your font library please?!

I asked in August of 2012 and Ben said he’d add it to the list. We were both under the impression this would be easy, it seemed at the time that this font may actually already be owned by Adobe (though maybe at second glance I’m not so sure)! I assume all that remains to be done on your end is a little FTP action, and adding some meta data to some database somewhere (er, what do you have to do?).

This small addition to your collection will make this front end dev’s work a lot nicer, and will make a certain client’s website that much better. Easier to maintain, leaner, and more accessible. You see, it’s a pivotal brand font for our client! If we can’t use your great service we’ll probably do something lame like images. It’s 2013 and no one wants that!
I’m not asking for something for nothing, I’m ready to do some stuff in return, here are some ideas I had:
  1. I could cascade you up some stylesheets! I’d love to make you a fun single-serving one pager that proclaims the awesome of Typekit!
  2. Go tell 100 strangers on the street how wonderful Adobe Typekit is.
  3. Wash your dishes (you must have some employee in the GTA?!)
  4. Get designer and typographic artist Andy Patrick to write a Typekit ad on my bald head in Sharpie.
  5. Um. Any other ideas?! Hit up the comments!

I know how busy and important you all are, and can imagine that this could set an insane precedent  but if this is at all possible it would truly make my day!

With love, Arley

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