The Resume of Arley McBlain

I'm Arley McBlain. I'm a designer, developer, & dreamer.

I've been extremely fortunate in my career: I've had the opportunity to work on a great product at, and in the agency-world with great clients of all sizes, including some highly recognizable national and international brands like BlackBerry, Tim Hortons, Suncor, Petro Canada, Pet Valu, Manulife, and many others. I've had the opportunity to work in many sectors, and on projects of every scale. I've taken sites from concept to launch, and I've also collaborated focussing my attention to particular problem solving. I've worked solo, as a part of a team, and even collaborating with multiple agencies.

I've played many roles in many projects. My favourite role is in front end development; where I combine my background in design with my love of code to create truly creative and detail oriented pieces.

Below I have some testimonials from people I've worked with, links to writing, and some experiments. I'll also talk about some of the great work I've done with an amazing team, and some amazing clients.

Overview & Personal

  1. I have taken part in every step of web creation. I have jack-of-all-tradesy experience in strategy, UX, design, development, QA, accessibility - but my forté is in the front end development (and specifically CSS)
  2. I am currently the team-lead and lead front-end developer of the Dealersites team at where we make crazy awesome mobile friendly sites
  3. I've spoken at a number of conferences on topics ranging from WordPress, Sass frameworks, SEO, Accessibility, and teaching the basics of CSS for layouts
  4. I currently do one volunteer day per week for my local church, and other non-profit organizations
  5. For fun I speed-listen to books/podcasts, speed-watch videos, customize mechanical keyboards, and optimize automation tooling to make life more efficient
  6. I am fueled by a passion to learn, experiment, and create unique and polished browser experiences
  7. When I'm not online I'm with my amazing wife, and two children in Burlington. They're my favourite nouns in the whole world


  • 2017–Present - One day weekly volunteering
  • 2014–Present - Lead front-end developer / Team Lead for dealership websites at
  • 2010–2014 - Designer then Lead front-end developer at Thrillworks Inc.
  • 2006–2010 - Contractor/Freelancer and sole proprieter of Debut Creative
  • 2005–2006 (and then until 2010 by contract) - New Media Developer at Benjamin James Marketing Communications
  • 2003–2005 - In House designer at a UPS Store
  • 2000–2003 - Canadore College student, and employed as lab monitor/tutor, begin freelancing. GPA 3.994
  • 1981 - born!


Anyone can make themselves sound good! So don't just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from people I've learned with, grown with, worked with, and worked for.

Arley is a great front end developer. He's also a good writer and designer full of creative ideas and a heck of a sense of humor, which makes him a guy you want to have around.

Chris Coyier, web craftsman, blogger, author, speaker

It seriously isn't a rumour: Arley is one of the friendliest people you will meet. But a happy nature will only get you so far! This guy has the skills and talent that.. **superlative statements x3**

Arley has a design & technical background. He lives and breathes the web more than anyone else, and actually has WEB HEROES that he follows on Twitter. If they had action figures or trading cards, he would own the whole set. It's a little much! :) Arley is like a mad scientist to the Web - always experimenting with new ideas of his own, testing the waters of emerging techniques, or just plain wasting his personal time with insane ideas that will never be practical so long as Internet Explorer exists!

However, he also practices the practical. I've recently pretended to kind of understand when he goes on about harnessing CSS in amazing new ways using SASS! Arley is all about standards, and has worked to establish them at Thrillworks as the Lead Front End Developer. Personally, I've had Arley help me out on a number of personal web projects and I'm never disappointed in how quickly and easily he solves all my problems. He's always the first person on the team that I'll recommend for a new project that demands advanced Front End work, a CSS master, and an eye for detail that web archeologists will still be uncovering hundreds of years from now.

I am in no way prone to hyperbole as our friend Arley is (seriously, almost every day is THE BEST DAY, and almost every project is THE BEST EVER). I am not exaggerating about him. He's a nut, in all the best ways. A one of a kind web hero.

Karl Stahl, User Experience Architect

You’re one of the most creative persons I know. And it’s the little things, like jokes on Twitter. It’s your out-of-the-box thinking about things like special characters in URLs and HD backgrounds on websites. These are innovative things that few, if any, people think about.

Jacob Gube, Founder & Editor

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With an extreme enthusiasm that borders on insanity, Arley is continually a source of inspiration for the team. Combined with an extreme attention to detail, a passion for all things online, and the biggest smile you've ever seen, Arley is a key asset for any web design and development team.

Justin Koreska, Independent App Developer

I have had the privilege to collaborate with Arley on a number of projects that include brand marketing, web design & development, and most recently on a PHP Referral System. His ability to work on creative and technical projects has been a great asset to my business. Arley’s passion for the web industry is what sets him apart from many businesses that provide similar services.

Tim Lum, RGD

Arley not only keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques, he contributes to the community with informative articles and tutorials. A great guy to work with, he's always happy to lend a hand, and takes the initiative to improve procedures. And he has mad bug-fixing skills.

Les Reynolds, Front End Contractor

Arley is an exceptional creative thinker in the online realm. He's a pleasure to work with and always upbeat. Any concept can be taken further in his eyes. His eye for design only makes him a better developer and his knowledge of code makes him a better designer. I'd highly recommend Arley as an employee and a person!

Andy Patrick, Sr. Graphic Designer

Arley is a highly skilled front end developer who never says no to a challenge. He can take any design and turn it into a masterfully constructed, fully optimized, interactive site that seamlessly moves from your desktop to your mobile phone (and every device in-between). Arley is always one step ahead of the rest of us in knowing what the newest development is in the world of interactive design and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge. Working with Arley at Thrillworks has been a great pleasure and a valuable learning experience. Despite the fact that he always has a thousand things on the go, Arley is always willing to share ideas and work together to sort out development issues on the fly. Arley is professional and hard working and, most importantly, a lot of fun. His energy is contagious and he is definitely the happiest developer I've ever worked with.

Stephanie Poce, User Experience Architect

Arley is one of the most well-rounded, adabtable and progressive dev/designers I've had the pleasure to work with. Whether it's innovating with css, html5 or learning a new skill, Arley continues to push his understanding of the web, and always produces best-in-class web sites.

Jeff Wrathall, Sr. Front End Developer

Arley is a front end dev by trade, but a designer at heart. He is always willing to take risks while providing sensible fallbacks. As a designer I appreciate the care he puts into bringing static pixels to life. He picks up on the smallest details and is great to collaborate with. If you need an IE6 or Blackberry OS 5 bug solved, he's your guy! (You can take that last bit out).

Ryan Bruce, Sr. Graphic Designer

Arley is a really cool guy and a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Hoffman, Director of Visual Communications

Arley is like your website’s bodyguard. He’s looking out for its best interests, and for your best interests. So when something threatens a site’s well-being, its ability to be useful, or functional, he’ll let you know. And that’s very, very important. I’ve learned a lot working with Arley. So will you.

Tristan Godman, Co-Worker

McBlain. Tough to sum up. Words like intelligent, creative, industrious, ambitious, detail-oriented are all ones that come to mind. But more than this, he can be relied upon to get the job done and done well. He has tremendous interpersonal communication skills. He rapidly grasps the Big Idea in complex projects. He helped make my business – a business!

Ken Ferron, Former Owner

Since hiring Arley, it has been a pleasure watching his growth in this industry and his constant dedication to each client and project that is worked on with the Clark Communications team.

Scott Clark, President

I was the Creative Director at an agency where Arley McBlain worked as our Web Specialist. Every challenge I could threw at Arley he met head on, with great success! Beyond being a lot of fun to work with, Arley brings fresh ideas and energy to every project. His work ethic is very strong and I would recommend him to anyone needing web development.

Marcus Cooper, President, CEO

Project Managers
Arley is someone who I would consider equally a hard-worker and a smart-worker. Those two things can be very easily confused. Everything Arley does is to the best of his ability, on time, and with exceptional results. On the other hand, Arley asks questions, provides recommendations, and is always, always, thinking of new and improved ways of doing things. He is far from what one would consider a 'yes-man', meaning that he takes a task and unfolds it to get the full picture, instead of having a narrow-minded, task-by-task mindset. He works with the whole team to come up with the most sound solutions, and only sometimes takes the credit! I would be so lucky to have the pleasure of working with Arley again; I would know that my clients are in the best hands in the industry.

Diana Petrina, Project Manager

As Project Manager; my job entails ensuring all my client’s requests are met and we deliver an excellent end-product. Working with Arley has made this an easy venture for me; thus I have very satisfied clients.

Arley absorbs all details of the projects we work on together; and conscientiously thinks about how to best achieve what the client needs; in the time-frame set out. Arley often goes above and beyond his commitment to the project and sees it through from start to finish; working as an integral member of our team. Our continued partnership allows us the strength and reassurance to continue to add new clients to our roster; while sustaining the list we currently have.

Debbie Marson, Director of Client Services

We found Arley to be someone who works with excellence and great focus. His careful focus on detail and dogged persistence of a great product is evident in every single project and website we've ever asked him to create. He listened carefully to what we were asking and gave helpful support after completion. Whether it's polishing up front pages, streamlining a look, encouraging progressiveness, or even deciphering technical jargon, Arley's keen gifts, happy disposition, and dedication to the final product comes through with every page he designs.

Plus, he does a wicked awesome impersonation of Billy Corgan.

Craig Turnbull, Pastor of Discipleship Ministries

Arley is one of the most positive and capable people I have ever met. When working with Arley on various projects I am continually amazed at his dedication and expertise in his field of study. His drive and commitment to quality makes him a successful entrepreneur and a valuable asset to any company that would be lucky enough to employ him.

Erik Regis, Team Lead Integrity Solution Development at BlackBerry

Arley’s dynamic skills were essential to our project. His easy-to-work-with personality was second only to his creative charisma and enthusiasm that he carried at all stages of the production process.

Rebecca Barker

I was in a bind and needed a website up in under a week to coincide with a book launch I was doing. I was told Arley was the man to go to. Not only was Arley able to have my site up in just a few days, but he was able to teach me how to update it myself, which was no easy task. From original concept to completion, Arley was able to build a site exactly how I wanted it, making it so user friendly a child could use it. And when your writing a kids book, that comes in handy.

Matt Minty, Author

It has always been a pleasure to work with Arley. He is very creative, productive, reliable and provides a professional product. Arley has a unique off-the-wall personality that makes working with him so enjoyable. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Arley.

Phil Cowcill, Interactive Multimedia Professor

Arley was the Most Congenial Student of his graduating class (2002).

Finn Reynolds, Graphic Design Professor