SassTO – A closer look at SMOOCHY!

Tonight at SassTO front-end engineer Matt Rose and I will be talking about the Carpages front-end framework Gemini, and its SMOOCHY methodology (Scalable, Modular, Object Oriented CSS Hybrid, Yo). Here are some links and the slides!

Key Takeaways

  • SMOOCHY means writing less CSS

  • A SMOOCHY Framework makes code more maintainable, collaborative, and recyclable
  • SMOOCHY makes CSS leaner (performance!)
  • Using a Framework means less QA, and bugs
  • SMOOCHY Framework increases dev speed
  • Documentation is great
  • Enables you to hire junior developers

…and your homework will be to figure out if you’re going to make your own framework from scratch or if you’ll fork something like Gemini.


And did I mention that Carpages is hiring?!  :)

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