Faux-forking Bootstrap Grids

I love digging into open source frameworks and adopting bits and bobs that can make my life easier! One of my favourites of late has been the grid system out of Bootstrap. Out of the box it doesn’t do everything I want, so I made some changes. This is a work in progress, but it’s becoming the standard for the Thrillworks basic model for grids (check out advanced at the end of this post). Continue reading

Starting class names with numbers

I’m probably not the only one who learned the hard way that CSS (or JS) class names can’t start with a number. It’s just one of those things: .1-col has to be .col-1, or .one-col. Classes have to start with a letter, underscore or hyphen.

I’m not sure why I find this so fascinating to think about; but a simple workaround would be to use Roman Numerals.  Continue reading

Taming Retina CSS – Part 1

I’ve recently been making use of the Retina Display Media Queries post on CSS Tricks to upgrade some of the graphics on a site I’ve been working on. My issue is the testing. Where I work we have a handful of “Retina” devices (I don’t think I’m alone in using the Apple-coined term generally for all brands), but not a desktop screen that will allow me to test the responsive sizing of the images at various viewports by resizing my browser. Here’s the solution I’ve been using: Continue reading

SMACSS Conference

Yesterday fellow Thrillworker Ryan Bruce and I had the pleasure of attending the online SMACSS conference. Lots of nerdy CSS talk for me to get way too excited about.

I’m very much a right-brained front end dev. While this does allow me to create some crazier (and yeah, maybe impractical) stuff, it does mean I can be weak in some of the more technical approaches. That’s where tools like SMACSS are so invaluable. Continue reading