Adding a Time Stamp to preprocessed stylesheets

A couple weeks ago I started hunting the Internet for a way to add a timestamp to my Sass compiled CSS. I’m currently collaborating with a lot of other front end devs on a very large project. The bottleneck happens in the CMS – there’s no way to run a local copy; so we often have to push out our CSS into the actual CMS dev site. Collisions are too easy, and it’s valuable to know how fresh the styles are, and who did them.

My Googling failed, but my colleague and desk-neighbour Tim Ziegel came to the rescue! Here’s his email:  Continue reading

Faux-forking Bootstrap Grids

I love digging into open source frameworks and adopting bits and bobs that can make my life easier! One of my favourites of late has been the grid system out of Bootstrap. Out of the box it doesn’t do everything I want, so I made some changes. This is a work in progress, but it’s becoming the standard for the Thrillworks basic model for grids (check out advanced at the end of this post). Continue reading

Dev memories 2013

2013 has been the busiest year of my career by far. I have churned out probably 2 or 3 times the websites of all previous years (heck, I’ve been a key player on the launch 7 sites in the last 2 weeks). It’s also been busy personally with the launch birth of a second child!

A downside is I haven’t had the time for creative exploration or writing that I have in previous years; but this has been a massive time for growth as a developer. Here is my year in review:

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