Troubleshooting Windows 10 VM

I had an issue where the Virtual Box VM for Windows 10 wouldn’t unzip on my Mac. Advice that worked for me came from Twitter: use “The Unarchiver. Also better to download the PC version (will still work) until we fix an issue we’ve detected in it.”

Worked for me and my colleagues!

Pre Element use-case: brilliant or hacky?

Twice in the past month I have come across issues where the data coming to me from a database contains useful whitespace, but no HTML. I have saved the day by using a <pre> element; this took minutes in CSS where I think back-end sanitization and wysiwyg tool integration and hoop-jumping would take days and require security testing.

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Solving a browser Font issue

I’ve had an issue with fonts messing up in my browser. I thought it was just me! This has happened before, like when a client sent me their weird copy of Helvetica to install and it broke Digg like so (circa 2010).


2010 with a client’s sketchy copy of Helvetica installed. Normal Helvetica would be equally wacky in their PSDs.

Today I finally traced the issue back (I think) to my Typekit local fonts. The history in pics: Continue reading

WordPress Lunch ‘n’ Learn – Advanced 101

Every developer likely needs to use WordPress now and then! It’s so ubiquitous that it’s almost a fact of life. I recently did a lunch and learn Advanced WP 101 to cover some aspects that aren’t immediately obvious.

Here are some helpful hints and links for those who “don’t know what they don’t know” about the world’s most popular CMS.  Continue reading

Literary Goldfish

In 2006 there was an era when spam seemed to have been written by infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters. It caught my attention since there was apparently nothing I could do – no call to action that would actually make money for the sender! The text was fascinating. I saved some!

Here’s some vintage spam, circa 2006.

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My colleague here says that I have a way of trying to persuading people that is unique.

He says I’ll give a short synopsis of my point, then go into a narrative where I’m explaining a hypothetical situation and how my thesis supports it. This will often make people see my thesis from either my actual point of view, or the hypothetical person involved.

That whole sentence I just said is an actual example (which I didn’t realize until I was almost done writing it).


There are two sides of me that work on making websites: The perfectionist that wants every single detail polished before another human sees it, and the speeder who wants pixels public as soon as humanly possible, even at the expense of quality and refinement.

Now that I’m working in a product-based shop, I’m trying to strike a balance. I’m aiming for a solid B+. Moderation is hard, but B+ is a pretty great score; and all of the sites we launch can be refined easily.

How do you “release early, release often” without turning out garbage, or waiting too long?